Leroy Scott, MS, MDiv is an author, nationally recognized Christian Counselor & Relationship Coach with over 15 years of helping Singles,leroy-scott Couples, Married & Divorced individuals realize their relationship dreams. Also known as The REAL-ationship Coach, Leroy has become a leading authority on building healthy relationships. He doesn’t just give his opinion, or give advice from something he’s read. This Christian Coach brings over 12 years of education in theology, psychology and counseling, 15 years of private practice experience and 19 years of marriage to the table with innovative approaches in how you can position yourself to meet the right person and realize your goals for a healthy relationship and life.

Trademarked & Branded as the REALationship Coach in 2012, Leroy has set out to bring his message and method to over 15 major cities in 2014. The REALationship Tour consists of a 2 Hour Power Session with Leroy Scott teaching, demonstrating and sharing strategies and concepts that enlighten, challenge and change you forever.


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